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Cloud Solutions - Levelling the Business Playing Field

Cloud software solutions have enabled small to medium sized enterprises to run successful businesses and scale faster than creating a bespoke system would allow.

July 22, 2019
Cloud Solutions - Levelling the Business Playing Field

What are Cloud Solutions?

The technical definition is that cloud services comprise any type of internet-powered service. However, the most commonly used type is Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS products can range anything from Invoicing systems, Product cataloguing (like Shopify), HR systems, Email and more.

The word ‘cloud’ became popular in the last couple of years, but the concept isn’t new. In the year 2000, it was mostly referred to when talking about “hosting.”

Bespoke Systems vs Cloud Solutions

Bespoke Software systems have a reputation for being seen as expensive, time consuming to create and therefore the realm of the established business. SMBs don't really have the time nor the budget, and cloud solutions have made it easier for them to acquire software that helps their business digitize processes especially in the early days, as it is much more affordable. Some Cloud products incur a monthly fee and can be structured on company size.

Bespoke Systems are great investments for larger corporations who are looking at either digital transformation - moving old legacy systems into the new age - or innovation through technology - building additional revenue streams by means of digital systems. Bespoke systems also have the benefit of giving you exactly the functionality your unique business requires, whereas cloud solutions don't often allow much more than surface customisation.

More often than not, those starting out on a cloud product, move over to a bespoke system once they are adequately established as a business.

Using Cloud Solutions to Scale

Off the shelf cloud solutions have offered a great alternative to bespoke systems and could sometimes get you up to 90% of the customization you require as a growing business. This, and the relatively low cost, allows businesses to scale dramatically by leveraging cloud infrastructure services that were otherwise entirely out of reach to all but the biggest companies.

It allows businesses to scale dramatically by leveraging cloud infrastructure services that were otherwise entirely out of reach to all but the biggest companies.

Furthermore, public cloud services reduce the reliance on physical on-premise hardware, as well as eliminate the responsibility of maintenance, repairs and other technological investments for individual companies. SMBs don't often have the luxury of having an IT department on call, so having a solution that is 'hosted' such as cloud, also reduces these kind of staffing costs, so you can build your core team first.

Cloud solutions are also accessible remotely, which may also reduce your costs of having a physical office and workstation setups in the very early days, as employees can access these systems via the internet from anywhere.

Cloud technology has the potential to improve the way in which we work with each other, how we choose to build our business and give SMBs a chance to find success in their endeavour.

Whether you're just starting out, a growing SMB or a large corporation, Platinum Software can provide end-to-end solutions on both bespoke and cloud software products. Speak to one of our experts today to find the best solution for your business.