True Disruption
through Technology

Imagine your corporation or business gains new scale and flexibility at a fraction of typical resource requirements!

Bespoke Software Solutions

We partner with your team to solve your daily and unique needs with specialised software solutions which are customer centric, scalable, flexible, configurable, secure, compliant and integrated.

Building on our ready to use modules and products you as our valued client gain customisable smart solutions and you share in the endless possibilities of new disruptive cloud technologies and thinking.

Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom development in order to improve business efficiency and reduce costs.
We integrate into several different systems using well documented web services and APIs which we either custom design or use existing technology, where relevant, to provide your specialised bespoke solution.

Partnership for Long-term Success

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Services Overview

Client Account & Policy Management

We provide core CRM systems which enable companies to manage their client accounts, policies and relations efficiently and accurately. 

Our solutions enable businesses to combine their client accounts and policies, linked to consumer goods product offerings and loyalty programmes with associated gifts and prizes based on their customers’ life cycles, trigger events and characteristics.   

We understand the potential complexities of business rules for terms and conditions associated with various product sets, attributes and category classes.

Industries & Business Areas

Life Insurance
Fashion Accesssories
Experience & Expectations

Leads & Sales Management Workflow Tools

Leads & sales management workflow tools typically focus on how they marry an organization’s customer data to a profitable sales pipeline.  Our dynamic and configurable workflow capability enables unique and flexible lead or sales paths and statuses.

It further enables the client to cater for their continuously changing process paths and associated business rules.   With the additional functionalities to customise their own forms and pages, as well as own configurable raw data queries for immediate analytics  and management decision.

Clients are also able to manage their identification & filtering of potential leads, current leads, sales calls and client data collection.

Industries & Business Areas

Life Insurance
Experience & Expectations

Logistics and Supply Chain Systems

Planning, controlling and coordinating inventory movements is a continuous challenge to companies, and as Elon Musk said  “ the supply chain stuff is really tricky .

Inventory control and managing were required from the start with supplier orders to the end of fulfilment of business-to-client (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) orders.  Key from our clients’ perspective was to flag items and batches with an integrated approach to their specific sales campaigns and client categories.

Typical activities covered are stock ordering, purchase order approvals, goods receiving, shipping, batching & distribution, stock movements between multiple locations, stock control as well as monitoring  and invoicing. 

Manufacturing systems for a cosmetics manufacturer, which is a detailed chemical process with various bill of material types,  was another challenge we successfully delivered.

Industries & Business Areas

Fashion Accessories
Experience & Expectations

Human Resource (HR) Tools & Systems

Normally staff management related activities are mostly seen as compliance-driven and mundane, and performing them manually is cumbersome and time-consuming.

We noticed that a general frustration is that most HR tools only focus on some of an organization’s day-to-day HR activities.  It is not only difficult to obtain a solution that helps manage these activities effectively, but to find one that makes integration with other systems easy as well as cover most end to end tasks is almost impossible to find at an affordable rate for smaller companies and corporates.

We aim to address the above needs and additional bespoke needs for larger companies, as well as provide companies to monitor and manage all activities with simplified navigation and reports.  Staff can also enjoy the added-on comfort of mobile application functionality wherever on the globe.

Industries & Business Areas

Life Insurance
IT & Software
Experience & Expectations

User Experience & Customer Centricity

We consult to understand and partner in providing your employees, users and your customers an enhanced experience.

Cyber Security & Compliance

In a world where security and non-compliance are real risks to any business, we consort with technology departments to find a non-compromised set-up with minimum inconvenience to users.

Custom Systems through Open-Source Tech

By also utilising open-source technology, we have allowed blue chip companies to turn their business challenges, ideas and requirements into effective and targeted solutions.  

Providing our clients a competitive advantage by radically reducing upfront capital requirements and ensure costs are associated directly with  income generating  activities.

Flexible & Configurable

Each business has unique client opportunities which a “of-the-shelf” and ‘software as a service’ cannot always solve cost effectively or as accurately as required.

To hit the sweet spot, we enable you free access to all your data in a compliant way as well as empower you to configure your own basic pages, forms, reports and workflow to meet your business rules.

Mobile Accessibility

With workforce mobility growing in popularity, our seamless integration & bespoke programming allow us to create a mobile first view to our systems.  Whether this be mobile on-demand accessibility through cloud hosting, or being platform agnostic and accessible via desktop, or mobile.


Custom development allows for a modularised approach to solutions.   We build components against your operational priority and integration needs.