We Believe Invention
Beats Convention

Human insights and fresh ideas drive us through every stage.

About Us

Platinum Software was born long before it was formally established  as part of a Group of Companies. It started when each of our developers discovered their personal sense of purpose and talent to transform client’s thoughts and needs into technical solutions that enhance people’s lives!  Our founding member, as an example, enjoyed coding as a hobby for companies at the early age of only 12!

Founded in 2012, Platinum Software has since then grown to a mature software development and custom enterprise development house servicing multiple clients across various business domains and industries.

Our Passion & Ethos

What an honour and thrill to have the opportunity to provide custom solutions that enhance companies’ activities and people’s lives!

How we work

Platinum Software drives transparency, scalability and simplicity in design in all our projects.

We embrace open source technology solutions which provides our clients with flexibility & agility on ever changing processes. We believe in the client having control & secured access to their data as well as ongoing integration (internal & external) requirements.

True Partnership

We partner with you every step of the way during the development process. For cloud products we take on a shared-risk on delivery. Your success is ours.

Complete Transparency

We believe in the client having control & secured access to their data every step of the process, as well as with ongoing integration requirements.

Agility & Flexibility

We help you lead with innovation-inspired technology and agility while also energizing your legacy systems, at a pace that’s right for your business.

Future Scalability

Our systems scale with your business needs. You pay only for your current user requirement.

Create great products with us

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Partnership for Long-term Success

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